Ativa fraud: Perodua CEO confirms online scams linked to new SUV

By daryl, 11 March 2021

Perodua is urging its customers to only deal with its authorised sales advisors to avoid falling victim to scams that have surfaced online since the Ativa was launched earlier this month. 

According to the Malaysian carmaker's president and CEO Datuk Zainal Abidin Ahmad, at least two fraudulent rebate offers for the newly-launched compact SUV have been discovered online. He added that these promotions did not originate from Perodua or any of its outlets, and that scammers have posed as Perodua sales advisors to lure potential victims into placing their deposits into personal bank accounts in the past.  

Therefore, Perodua is calling on all its customers to verify any information on sales and offers with its authorised personnel and official online platforms, such as its website and social media accounts. The onus also falls on all of us to know better than to give away our personal details to shady individuals over the internet. Making payments such as deposits and booking fees into personal bank accounts is another big no-no. 

If someone claiming to be a Perodua sales or service representative asks you to make payments into their own accounts, you can report them by contacting the Customer Experience Centre at 1-800-88-6600 during office hours or leave a note in the company's official contact form