Aston's Vanquish Zagato Shooting Brake has sold out

By topgear, 05 December 2018
Aston Martin Zagato shooting brake

You’d be forgiven for having forgotten the Aston Martin Vanquish Shooting Brake, what with the whirlwind of new AM models we’ve seen of late.

But remember it you should. Revealed last year, the Shooting Brake formed part of a burgeoning family of Zagato-designed Vanquish models, built to celebrate Aston and Zag’s long, storied history.

Yes, it sits on the old Vanquish S platform, but it looks the business. A 5.9-litre naturally-aspirated V12 is just one of many good things about the Shooting Brake. Others include better spring rates and tuned dampers, hydraulic steering, and, well, the body.

Aston only built 99 Zagato Coupes, 99 Zagato Volantes and 28 Zagato Speedsters. Last year, all of these had already sold out. Now, we have confirmation that all 99 Zagato Shooting Brakes have been accounted for too, with all cars currently on their way to their new homes. Boo.

So, why not look at these brand new images – including that interior – and remind yourself just how lovely the Aston Shooting Brake is.