Apollo is testing a race version of the IE hypercar

By topgear, 09 October 2018

Last we heard from Apollo, we learned that its upcoming 789bhp V12-powered hypercar’s development had been passed over to HWA AG, the racecar engineering team that brewed Mercedes-AMG’s CLK GTRs in the mid-to-late 1990s. But the story has developed a bit. Developed into something loud, winged, and fast-looking. Developed into a racer.

Yep, Apollo’s hired out the Lausitzring circuit in Germany, which combines a high-speed banked oval, a la IndyCar, with a technical infield circuit. There’s also not too many locals on the other side of the looming grandstands to get prissy about a naturally aspirated V12 being wound out to such high revs, only dogs can hear it.

The factory says this test was spent analysing heat management and aerodynamic set-up, but beyond that, we’ve not seen anything in the way of lap times or data. Still, the engineers standing on the splitter suggests it won’t be short of downforce…

Company chairman Norman Choi said: “This program is operating at the highest level and we are thoroughly testing the cars in both road and track use cases prior to beginning production.”

A track-only version of a car that’s barely legal for road use anyway? Nope, we’ve no idea either. But bring on the finished product. Best get friendly with your track day noise police…