Another day, another 380kph hypercar: the TS 900 H APEX

By topgear, 08 August 2019

This is the Team Tushek TS 900 H APEX. It is a very fast car; one might even label it a ‘hypercar’. This is because the Team Tushek TS 900 H APEX Very Fast Car features a rear-mounted 4.2-litre petrol V8 and compressor, combined with a pair of electric motors on the front wheels.

Together, they produce 950bhp, and an unnatural, entirely unnecessary and likely enormously entertaining 1,401Nm of torque. Suffice to say, it’s fast: 0-97kph is claimed to take just 2.5secs, and Team Tushek reckons on a 380kph top speed.

Big numbers, relatively light weight. It features a chrome-moly and carbon-fibre spaceframe and body, which means the whole thing weighs just 1,410kg. There’s race-car suspension, Brembo brakes, Pirelli Trofeo R tyres, and space inside for but two brave souls.


It adheres to the Hypercar Rules by featuring scissor doors, and there’s a removable hard top for additional fear points, and more noise from that V8.

“Over the past years we have intensively developed and constructed technological solutions for our new model, in particular in the area of electric drivetrain,” explains Tushek founder Aljosa Tushek. “These developments are now incorporated in our latest model and have been successfully tested in race-track conditions over the past nine months.”

No word on price, availability nor an on-sale date, but, it’s fast.