Alpine's latest model is even lighter than the A110

By topgear, 14 December 2020

The Alpine A110 brought a newly lightweight focus to the sports car market when it arrived in 2018. But Alpine’s latest model is even lighter. Meet the Superveloce Alpine, which has thrown out non-essentials like ‘wheels’, ‘windows’ and ‘a roof’.

It is, in fact, an MV Agusta motorbike wearing Alpine badges. Which means it’s actually Italian. But we’re fine with that, because MV Agusta makes perhaps the most beautiful bikes on sale. Meaning this delicate little Alpine special will sit rather neatly alongside the retro-done-properly A110 coupe.

It boasts a significantly wilder power-to-weight ratio than the car, and doesn’t have quite the same ‘modest performance’ mantra. An in-line 3cyl engine produces 145bhp at a nicely silly 13,000rpm, good for a top speed of 240kph. Which is the tiniest smidge off the 249kph A110, while probably a touch more engaging.

The colour scheme naturally matches the A110’s signature blue, while the Superveloce’s seats are black Alcantara with blue contrast stitching – also tallying nicely with the car. “Many Alpine customers are also big MV Agusta fans, and vice-versa,” says MV Agusta boss Timur Sardarov. “The Superveloce Alpine will ideally bring the two worlds together.”

French and Italian flags subtly mark the alliance either side of the front fender. All told, we’re fairly smitten. Just 110 will be made, sold through MV Agusta dealers for 36,600 euros – or circa £33,000 as we write. It’s gorgeous, right?