All new Volvo cars to come with 'Over-the-Air' software updates

By sep, 08 April 2022

Volvo will be offering its OTA upgrade to 190,000 customers in 34 markets

All new Volvo models (from the model year 2023) will be getting the brand's over-the-air (OTA) software update capability, which is Volvo's way of continuously making the customers' cars better and always up to date. Sounds just like a smartphone, eh? We're truly in the future now.

The key goal was to offer this OTA software update as standard equipment for all future EV models from Volvo, but this capability will soon be available for the brand's PHEV models like the XC90, S60, and our personal favourite model, the V60.

This upgrade for the infotainment system will come in the form of the latest Android Automotive OS, Android 11. This fully-integrated Android infotainment system will also offer new apps available from the Google Play store such as navigation, charging and parking facilities, and of all things, video streaming (hopefully not focused on the driver).

If range anxiety is of concern, Volvo's OTA software will also cater to improving energy management by constantly improving the vehicle's climate timers, plus other updates when it comes to other necessary in-car applications. This automated manipulation will assist in boosting the car's overall driving range. Sweet.

According to Henrik Green, Chief Product Officer at Volvo Cars, "By making all Volvo models able to receive over-the-air updates, we make important progress towards our ambition of making our customers’ cars better every day. This is a significant milestone: we’re now updating cars of all models in a majority of our markets, bringing the benefits of remote continuous updates to an ever increasing number of customers."

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