A widebody 840bhp Lambo Urus just happened

By topgear, 31 January 2020

Interestingly, every single modification you see on the Very Modificationed Lamborghini Urus above is removable. Indeed, each part has been built to fit exactly with Lamborghini’s original mountings and so forth.

So if one morning, you feel like driving a Regular Human Urus, just rip off the carbon fibre/fibreglass/forged carbon (your choice, amigo) widened front and rear appendages and flared arches, and pootle around in a Regular Human 2.2-tonne SUV. Subtle, like.

If however, you decided that today was a Stand Aside Puny Earthlings kinda day, fill yer boots. Indeed, 1016 Industries – the Miami-based company responsible for this enormous Lambo SUV – has ensured everything is plug and play. The front? That’s 87mm wider than standard, while the rear is 100mm of additional girth. Notice also, the additional flare on the arches. Things have happened inside, too.

Even more ‘more’ comes via Lambo’s turbo V8. Ordinarily, this turbo V8 produces just shy of 650bhp. That’s clearly not enough, and thus there is a “non-invasive” and “non-warranty-voiding” upgrade, the first of which bumps up the horsepower to 780.

Still not enough? The second – a Stage 2 upgrade – takes it to oh-god-make-it-stop-please horsepower. Or 840bhp. Wearing this suit of code, the 1016 Urus is capable of a quarter mile time of why-are-my-internal-organs-squeaking. Or 11 seconds.


“These limited editions are about world-class styling paired with performance without compromise,” explains 1016. Only 50 of these are available, and prices for the full widebody pack start at US$45k (approx. RM184k), or US$350k (approx. RM1,431,675) including the actual donor Urus.

So friends, what day doth thine heart desire? Regular Human Urus, or Stand Aside Puny Earthlings Urus?