A Toyota Mirai just did 1,000km on a single tank of hydrogen

By topgear, 04 June 2021

Toyota says that if you drive normally, its hydrogen-fuelled Mirai can travel around 644km between fill ups. Drive much more carefully, though, and you could go further. Maybe a lot further. 

By doing just that Toyota France has driven a Mirai 1,003km on a lone 5.6kg tank of hydrogen, thereby breaking the Hyundai Nexo’s existing record for the longest distance travelled by a hydrogen-fuelled vehicle on a single tank by a whopping 116km. 

The company says the unmodified Mirai covered 1,003km on public roads south of Paris in the Loir-et-Cher and Indre-et-Loire regions of France. The distance covered and consumption, rated at 0.55kg of hydrogen per 100km, have been independently certified. 

The four drivers supposedly used “no special techniques that could not be used by everyday drivers” and arrived home with an indicated 9km of range remaining. 

Together with Hyundai/Kia, Toyota is one of the biggest proponents of hydrogen fuel-cell tech. Why not go ahead and read our review of the Mirai, which is vastly improved over the the old one…