2022 Nissan Z Proto spotted at car meet

By sep, 04 May 2021

The Nissan Z range is certainly far from death as its revival is set to be closer than you think. An American YouTuber, Drive 615, apparently spotted the 2022 Nissan Z Proto aka "Nissan 400Z" on the streets in Nashville Tennessee before making its way to a very popular car meet, Nashville Cars and Coffee.

Judging by the video, there were a lot of Nissan Z enthusiasts at the area (we're assuming that Nissan US had something to do this, not a coincidence) to have a closer look at the seventh-gen Nissan Z. Most folks have already labelled it as the 400Z, but there's a possibility that it might just go with the Nissan Z, or Fairlady Z if you're in Japan.

The interior and exterior are pretty much identical compared to the photos we posted up back in September 2020, and none of us are really sure of what they will be put under the hood. What we do know is that it'll come with a twin-turbo V6 mated to a six-speed manual gearbox, and we can also safely assume that it'll produce beyond the 325hp the current 370Z is making.

The better question would be if there's any sort of indicator as to why the first public appearance happened to be in the US. Considering the fact that emission regulations, particularly in Europe, are getting stricter by the day, it won't be surprising if Nissan will push to sell the new Z in North America and Japan. To know for sure, we'll just have to wait and see. Any fans of that pale banana yellow hue?

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