Yamaha NMax 160 ABS Star Wars edition launched in Brazil - RM10k

By sep, 21 June 2021

Yamaha Brazil seems to be connected with 'the force' after launching the 2021 Yamaha NMax 160 ABS Star Wars edition for its local market. There are two liveries on offer and depending on which side you prefer, customers in Brazil can opt for either the 'Rebel Alliance' or 'Galactic Empire' version. Either way, both of them look great in our books.

The white 'Rebel Alliance' colourway is inspired by the X-Wing used by Luke Skywalker in the original Star Wars trilogy. The white colour base is further highlighted with Rebel Alliance's logo together with red lines and yellow details to tie it all together into a clean-looking Yamaha scooter.

If you prefer something more on the dark side, perhaps the black 'Galactic Empire' would suit you more thanks to its darker appearance. The black colour scheme comes with red and silver accents, which of course shows your allegiance to the Galactic Emperor. *insert heavy breathing here*

The Yamaha NMax 160 ABS Star Wars special edition is also a limited-edition model where only 680 units will go on sale (340 units for the Rebel Alliance, 340 units for the Galactic Empire). Do take note that this particular model is the previous-gen model and it's priced at around 2,180 Euros (around RM10,700). Either way, it's still a mean-looking 155cc Yamaha scooter.

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