Vietnamese dad built a wooden Lamborghini Sian for his son

By sep, 09 June 2021

We just posted about a bunch of Czech Lego specialists who built a full-sized Lamborghini Sian using over 400,000 pieces of Lego. The downside of this is that it's not driveable, but there's another beautiful rendition in Vietnam where it's smaller for younger drivers, made of wood, and runs on electricity. Yes, you read that right.

Vietnamese woodworker, Truong Van Dao, is back yet again and this time, his latest creation pays tribute to the powerful and sexy Lamborghini Sian Roadster. Using wood as the main material, Truong went to work and completed the build in just 65 days. To keep things even more 'eco-friendly', Truong only used discarded trees and a small electric motor to power it around. Claimed top speed? An astonishing 25km/h.

Looking at the finished product, we can honestly say that Truong is indeed a man of great talent. His son, however, is the one that reaps the most benefits of this gifted individual, considering that this isn't even his first wooden supercar build. In the past, Truong already crafted a number of wooden BMWs and Bugattis where the videos have been posted and shared all over the social media platform. GIVE THIS MAN A MEDAL.

Source: ND - Woodworking Art

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