Truly Rebellion

By topgear, 07 December 2018

Independent Swiss watchmaker Rebellion isn’t one to abide by the rules, especially if its latest offerings are anything to go by. Meet the Rebellion T2M and WEAP-ONE.

Described by its maker as “half watch, half race car”, the T2M’s big features are its superb chassis and powerful engine. Each manufactured from a single piece of titanium, the sleek, angular chassis reveals its exceptional V8 (eight cylinders) ‘engine’ through its sapphire crystal.

The T2M moniker comes from the timepiece’s 1400-hour power reserve, which is the equivalent of two months. Its revolutionary and patented energy distribution system allows for easy recharge in just a few simple steps. That, plus the engine, which is an original movement, is testament to Rebellion’s unrelenting research and development.

In a glowing tribute to endurance and to the automobile races that Rebellion holds dear, just 10 pieces of the T2M will be made available, each customised upon request.

With the WEAP-ONE, Rebellion again takes to the next level its ethos of going against the norm. This asymmetrical flying tourbillion, which can be worn on the body or displayed on a dashboard, is a piece of mechanical art that’s truly uninhibited in design.

Suspended between the hour and minute rollers is an asymmetrical, 60-second flying tourbillon that rotates on multiple axes. This innovative feature enables the tourbillon to defy earth’s gravitational pull from all sides. Two wheel nuts complete the look of the revolutionary and unique piece.

Inspired by race car suspensions, the WEAP-ONE harnesses an exclusive manufacture movement co-developed with Concepto. It’s housed within a detachable tube so it can easily become a miniature table clock. To facilitate handling, it has an armature comprising two push-pieces located on the titanium chassis.

To complement the WEAP-ONE, Rebellion plans to ready a series of accessories that will multiply the uses of this timepiece, allowing it to become a desktop clock, a car clock, or even a pocket watch.