Travel in racing style with this Montblanc X Pirelli trolley bag

By thoriq, 12 June 2019

German luxury goods marque Montblanc teamed up with leading Italian tyre-maker Pirelli earlier this year, giving birth to perhaps one of the coolest, race-inspired travel bags you can buy today.

In essence, the Montblanc X Pirelli limited edition trolley bag embodies both the German luxury marque’s passion for innovation, performance and design and the latter Italian firm’s tradition of mobility and speed.

Designed for intrepid business and leisure travellers, the lightweight trolley bag, which are available in two variations (one with a pocket and another without), sports high-performance ball-bearing wheels, a precision handle bar, as well as a very sleek aesthetics overall.

Fans of both motorsports and the Pirelli brand will get a kick from details such as the latter’s signature tyre tread motif embossed on yellow and black luggage tags, as well as on the trolley’s leather trimming. There’s also the 360-degree ball-bearing wheels finished in yellow Pirelli and curved lines trademarks inspired from the brand’s famous colour codes in its signature competition tyres, to bask in too.

The Montblanc X Pirelli limited edition trolley bags are limited to just 5,000 pieces worldwide. Locally, this racy travel gear rightfully command RM3,945 (with pocket) and RM3,320 (without pocket) each.

Ready to travel in racing style?