This track-rated racing suit is 'vegan'?

By sep, 02 August 2021

Check out this Andromeda Moto NearX 'vegan' track-rated racing suit

Veganism, the practice of abstaining from the use of animal products, is becoming quite a trend over the years, and it has now penetrated the world of motorcycle racing. A Spanish startup company, Andromeda Moto, has launched its NearX racing suit, a track-rated 'leather suit' that uses absolutely no animal-based materials whatsoever. In other words, it's a vegan racing suit.

The use of leather from a variety of animals such as cows, goats, and even kangaroos, has been a staple in manufacturing riding safety gears for fellow motorcyclists due to its durable nature. Andromeda Moto went the other way with its NearX zero-leather racing suit by using a synthetic material called High Molecular Weight Polyurethane (UHMWPE).

andromeda moto nearx vegan racing suit
andromeda moto nearx vegan racing suit

This stuff is thinner than leather, which offers a better and more comfortable fit for fellow track day junkies and two-wheel racing enthusiasts whilst providing the same levels of impact and slide resistance found in the conventional leather suits used today. But, is it really that tough? Well, UHMWPE is also used to construct astronaut suits to withstand the harsh nature of outer space. The inner lining is also enhanced with the addition of Kevlar. So yeah, it's tough as nails.

For those who are interested to purchase their very own Andromeda Moto NearX vegan racing suit, you can get made to order with a price tag of €1,220, which is around RM6,000. Not exactly the cheapest that you can buy, but certainly not the most expensive. We find it interesting, very interesting indeed.