These are the best driving game bargains in Sony's Days of Play sale

By daryl, 27 May 2021

Sony's 'Days of Play' have returned. What this means for avid gamers is two weeks of hefty discounts on the official PlayStation store. And it couldn't have come at a better time considering many of us are back working from home amidst tighter MCO restrictions. If you're into driving games, here are three titles worth getting before the sale ends on 9 June 2021; you can purchase all of them for less than the launch price of a triple-A title!

1. The Crew 2

The second instalment of Ubisoft's driving game is on sale at a 70 per cent discount, retailing for RM55.50 instead of its usual price of RM185 on the PlayStation store as of time of writing.

On top of the usual four-wheeled staples, gamers can also race in the air and on water in The Crew 2, across a stunning albeit compressed digital recreation of the USA's open roads and famous landmarks. As its name suggests, The Crew 2 also has a prominent multiplayer element for gamers who want to go on virtual road trips with their buddies now that Genting drives are off the table. 

2. F1 2020

Also on sale with a 70 percent discount is Codemasters' console adaptation of the 2020 F1 season, which now goes for RM74.70 instead of RM249. 

Let's be real; nobody was ever going to pay anywhere close to full price for F1 2020 when the 2021 title chase is well underway. But the game still has its gems, such as the franchise's first career mode that allows players to manage their own racing team and races that never made it to the 2020 calendar such as Zandvoort and the Hanoi street circuit. 

3. Need for Speed Heat

The latest instalment of EA's long-time Need for Speed franchise is arguably the best in recent years, making it an easy title to recommend at RM66 after discount (75 per cent off its RM264 list price). 

Set in the neon-riddled open-world streets of Miami-like Palm City, Heat combines NFS's signature car mod mechanics with a brand-new night-and-day concept that makes hours go away in a flash; expect to spend a bulk of that time evading the cops in over-the-top chases. The radical Polestar 1 also happens to be one of the coolest hero cars we've seen gracing a video game cover in a long time.