The Denim Collection 2017 – A New Beginning – Stay On Track, from Camel Active

By topgear, 01 November 2017


While trends and fashion change, there is one material that stands the passage of time – denim. It is truly the most versatile, adapting through the ages and across different trends. While it first saw use in the rough and tough mining environment in America, denim is now used by everyone. For the most current look of denim, Camel Active presents its Denim Collection – A New Beginning “Stay on Track”. This season, it is all about subtle coloured, monochrome, light-washed and all-white shade. Of course, the collection includes shirts, t-shirts, and jackets that perfectly complement each other.


The highlight of the collection is a garment dyed jersey shirt, salt-washed denim, and bomber jacket. It’s a smart casual look that starts with a comfortable pair of stretchable denim jeans. Comfort, of course, is one of the most defining quality of Camel Active products, together with durability and style.

The Denim Collection includes footwear which combines textile and leather lining to give lasting quality. You’ll find comfort during long walks too thanks to the insole. Primarily, the colour range stick to different shades of grey, brown, beige, and military green.


The Camel Active menswear Denim Collection includes bags and accessories as well; and they are not just made from denim, but also includes suede, nylon, and canvas, together with leather trimmings.

You can find Camel Active products in Malaysia in exclusive Camel Active stores across the country, on top of Camel Active outlets in all leading department sores and major fashion retailers.