Rolls-Royce and Bovet collaborate on a pair of special Boat Tail timepieces

By ramieza, 09 June 2021

Rolls-Royce and Swiss watchmaker Bovet 1822 have teamed up to create a pair of unique timepieces tailored to the new owners of the recently-announced, coachbuilt Boat Tail. 

The timepieces are unique to both the horological and automotive worlds. Made as a pair – in lady's and gentleman's versions – they are reversible, and housed in Bovet 1822's patented Amadeo case, which allows them to be worn on the wrist or used as a table clock pendant or pocket-watch as well as being placed front and centre in the Boat Tail’s fascia as the car’s own timepiece; an ultra-luxurious, removable dashboard clock of sorts. 

Both are fitted with tourbillon mechanisms to ensure perfect accuracy. The timepiece also has a generous five-day power reserve, rather than the 42-48 hours of a 'standard' tourbillon, to allow it to excel in its role as a vehicle clock.

Torsten Müller-Otvos, Chief Executive Officer, Rolls-Royce Motor Cars said:  "I am so proud of the BOVET 1822 team, who worked in tandem with their counterparts at Rolls-Royce to produce something truly spectacular.

"The owners of the coachbuilt car and these bespoke timepieces are personal friends, as well as valued collectors of BOVET 1822. It was important to do the very best for them - two completely unique pieces that are unlike anything we have ever done before."

On top of the timepieces's many uses, there is also a first-of-its-kind aluminium and titanium mount that the watches can be fitted into once the strap has been removed. There’s also a drawer beneath the mount in which the owners can store the watches and their accompanying straps, chains and pendants.

Like the car they come with, no pricing information has been revealed for the custom Bovet pair.