Mercedes-Benz introduces Flexible Charging System with multi-adapters

By sep, 04 August 2021

The new Flexible Charging System from Mercedes-Benz also features an integrated Type 2 connector

As part of their effort to boost and promote the sales of EQ vehicles and plug-in hybrids (PHEV), Mercedes-Benz has introduced its very own Flexible Charging System, a charging solution that offers variable options to charge their electric-powered cars. Those who cover a lot of driving distances would certainly benefit from this particular system.

The Flexible Charging System from Mercedes-Benz is essentially a multi-adapter charging tool that offers the customers various options to charge from multiple sources. We're talking household sockets, industrial plug points, public charging stations, as well as wallboxes. And to make things even better, the multi-charging tool offers a simple 'plug and play' solution with an integrated Type 2 connector which allows charging up to 22 kW from any AC source.

We can guess that the Flexible Charging System will be a hot-seller considering that Mercedes-Benz plans to introduce more than 20 PHEV and EV models by the end of 2021. The German manufacturer has also assured that its charging tool will be compatible with all current models as well as upcoming variants that come with charging capabilities.

Those living in Germany can get this at 1,225 Euros, which is slightly over the RM6,000 mark. It might be pricey for some, but for those who constantly travel far and wide, having a system that can charge from almost every source certainly brings some ease of mind. Perhaps, it can even promote a lot more folks to jump on the EV wagon sooner than expected, eh?

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