Medklinn Versa 45 review: a compact solution to indoor sterilisation

By daryl, 27 May 2021

We’re well into 2021 and the pandemic doesn’t seem to be showing any signs of letting up in Malaysia anytime soon. If the sensible voice inside your head is constantly reminding you to take as many precautions as you can during this time, our Medklinn Autoplus review is certainly worth a read. If you do not wish to veer off this page, here’s the TL:DR summary about Medklinn and its products before we delve deeper into the Versa 45. 

Medklinn’s sterilisers use the company’s patented Cerafusion technology to generate active oxygen, which is essentially the same thing as natural ozone. This breaks down harmful airborne particles, eliminates bad odours and oxidises volatile organic compounds in a completely natural manner, without releasing any chemicals into the atmosphere. 

All of the above has been scientifically validated, with research published within the past year suggesting that ozone in levels safe to humans can reduce the infectivity rate of the coronavirus that causes Covid-19 by 95 percent. So, it’s a potential lifesaver at a time like this. And its function need not be limited to the confines of your car. 

Medklinn’s Versa range is essentially the home (and travel) equivalent of Autoplus. And the Versa 45 we’re testing is the cream of Medklinn’s crop, rated to effectively cover an area spanning 450 square feet – 50 square feet more than the company’s older and bulkier Asens+40 home steriliser. 

medklinn versa
medklinn versa

Like Medklinn Autoplus, the Versa 45 is a plug-and-play device that’s as straightforward as it gets. The only form of user control is a slider at the back, which adjusts the operational intensity of the Cerafusion cartridge responsible for all of that good, active oxygen. Dial this up to maximum and you’ll hear a distinct audible buzz that fills the room with a ‘sterile’ aroma that’s similar to a post-thunderstorm atmosphere. If it smells like somewhere familiar, it might be because Medklinn also supplies public venues like hospitals, supermarkets, universities, restaurants, office complex and recreational and entertainment facilities with the same sterilising technology. 

Although it’s practically impossible to tell if the Versa 45 steriliser is killing bacteria as advertised with the naked eye, official test results posted on Medklinn’s official website certainly seem quite convincing. The company also claims that the benefits are more obvious to users suffering from sinus allergies. It’s supposed to be pretty handy at combating haze pollution and hand foot and mouth disease too.  

In terms of aspects that can be tangibly judged, we really like how compact the device is. While the Autoplus was a bit cumbersome in tighter car cabins, the Versa devices have very small footprints that can easily be tucked into a table corner or on a semi-occupied shelf. This is probably why it is marketed as a travel device as well – frequent flyers who don’t react very well to centralised hotel room air should find this particularly useful. 

As for home applications, integrating the Versa 45 device into existing décor should not be too difficult as Medklinn also offers a wide variety of coloured casings to help the device blend in with different themes. Naturally, that comes at a price. 

The main device itself costs RM869 – there is the cheaper Versa 25 (RM669) but it only covers up to 250 square feet – while the colourful casings cost RM99 each (the standard grey one is free). The Cerafusion cartridge for Versa devices that needs to be replaced annually costs RM139. That’s RM40 more than the Autoplus cartridge, which is a fair premium considering the extra coverage it provides.

So, is all of this worth the money? 

The situation we’re all in at the moment makes it easier to recommend Medklinn Versa 45 to those who can afford it given the scientific evidence backing its claims. We’re not usually fans of things we can’t categorically prove. But at a time when people are already giving up so much in terms of lifestyle changes and expenses on protective wear and hygiene products, all in a bid to dodge an invisible yet deadly virus, there’s probably no such thing as one precaution too many. 

Medklinn Autoplus review: gimmick or new normal necessity?
Medklinn Autoplus review: gimmick or new normal necessity?