Lego has done Dom's Charger from Fast & Furious

By topgear, 01 April 2020

The ninth instalment in the Fast & Furious franchise has been delayed – because obviously – until April 2021. But happily the Lego hasn’t.

While not quite in the same league as the £330 (approx. RM1,767), 3,599-piece Bugatti Chiron or RM899, 2,573-piece Land Rover Defender, the first-ever Fast & Furious Lego Technic set is still quite the thing. Modelled on Dom’s 1970 Dodge Charger R/T and featuring as many pieces as the first ten minutes of F9 will gear changes (that’s 1,077, in case you were wondering), the new set costs US$99.90 (approx. RM432) and ships on 27 April.


It’s about 39cm long and 11cm high, and because it’s a Technic model there’s some cool stuff going on underneath, like moving pistons for the faithfully recreated V8, working wishbone suspension, steering and a deployable wheelie bar. Of course the doors, bonnet and boot all open too, revealing some cool little details like a boot-full of nitro bottles.

Your kids will love it, before you stop kidding yourself and just build the damn thing without them.

What move car do you want Lego to recreate next?  Also, have you checked out the remote cotrolled Lego Technic TopGear Rally Car?