Go play Acura’s addictive racing game RIGHT NOW

By topgear, 14 February 2020

Procrastinating is fun, isn’t it? Whether it’s spending hours perfecting your lottery-win Vantage Roadster on Aston Martin’s new configurator, shopping the classifieds for something you actually can afford (but definitely shouldn’t buy) or catching up on Top Gear on iPlayer – the possibilities are endless.

And now Acura – Honda’s premium offshoot that doesn’t exist here in the UK – has given us a new incredibly addictive and entertaining way of not doing any real work. It’s a game, playable for free on your computer or mobile phone, inspired by a telly ad’ that’s broadcast in the US.


Called “Beat That”, the game has six levels, each featuring a different Acura in a different environment. The aim is simple – get to the end as quickly as possible. Beat one level, and you get to move onto the next car and location combo. All the cars handle differently – from the Integra Type R through to the ARX-05 prototype racer, via new and old NSXs – too.

If you have nothing else to do today then click here to play the game. Trust us, you’ll be at it for hours.