Gaming: HotShot Racing is 90s arcade nostalgia distilled

By topgear, 27 February 2020

If like us you occasionally find yourself idly daydreaming about the blue skies, pristine asphalt and towering palm trees of classic Sega arcade racing games, might we recommend booking a holiday in Southern California?

If that’s a little out of your price range though, you could do much worse than keep an eye out for HotShot Racing.

HotShot Racing looks exactly like the sort of bright and breezy arcade experience Sega sadly doesn’t tend to bother making any more. Crucially Sumo Digital, who are involved with the development of HotShot, are the racing game wunderteam who brought Out Run 2 to consoles and built the Sonic Racing series for Sega themselves and members of primary developer Lucky Mountain Games are veterans of the Burnout and Midnight Club series.

There’s more pedigree here than the green room at Crufts.