Ducati launches customisation program - Ducati Unica

By sep, 31 January 2022

The Ducati Unica is an endless possibility for custom Ducati bikes

Ducati has officially announced its latest and greatest customisation program called the Ducati Unica. For those who wish to build their very own unique and ultra-exclusive Ducati bikes, this is the program to do so, and judging by the photos, the possibilities are indeed endless. Just look at that Superleggera V4!

This program also offers Ducati owners more open access to the Centro Stile Ducati and its teams of designers and technicians in order to make their custom Ducati bike dreams come true. Via the Ducati Unica program, they'll also experience how the team operates when it comes to creating unique designs and models which was previously reserved for special edition models.

And it's not just for the looks, either. Future owners who wish to enroll in the Ducati Unica program can go through an array of precious materials, dedicated finishes, special colours, and Ducati Performance accessories in order to create one-of-a-kind Ducati bikes that are truly unique to the owners.

Each creation will be given a certificate of uniqueness where Ducati states that 'its originality and ensures its non-replicability'. For some odd reason, a Ducati bike finished in blue somehow carries a great interest within this writer's heart, and this blue Ducati Superleggera V4 is indeed a stunning sight to behold. You can be sure to see a lot of unique-looking Ducatis once this program arrives here in Malaysia.