Carpool Karaoke partners with Porsche?

By ahmadzulizwan, 05 June 2018

For some reason people are extremely amused at seeing singers hitch a ride with The Late Late Show With James Corden host. Celebrities in a car (a Range Rover, at least in the few clips we’ve seen), singing their songs, cracking jokes; so maybe there’s the appeal.

However, the car is such a small (possibly insignificant) part of the whole sketch. Well, not anymore.

Porsche has stepped up, with some reports saying that it is a partnership between the show and the carmaker. It doesn’t start with too much attention on what seems to be the Cayenne S. The usual banter and singing, and then they stop for some silly skit outside the vehicle, conveniently with the black SUV in the background.

Then it gets promotional very, very quickly. Both James Corden and Adam Levine end up at a racing track, the late show host claiming he’s the faster driver. Of course this is not true, especially when we know that Adam and Porsche has worked together before (refer video on right).

Aaaand then, they drive past a Porsche Mission E. As if that yet-to-be-launched EV just happened to be parked there. Getting pulled over by a cop in a previous scene, that part was real. Probably. Check out the full video below.