Build your own Bugatti

By topgear, 07 August 2018

Think the 400kph Bugatti Chiron hypercar is only for the super rich? Well, yes. Even so, now even the less than rich can achieve a Bugatti dream of sorts by indulging in the new Lego Technic Bugatti Chiron.

You get to build it too, this latest offering of the much-loved Danish toy company’s Ultimate series. It’s nowhere near the real thing in size – at 1:8 in scale – but it’s quite imposing, and blockier (it’s Lego, after all).

Just like the famed orange-liveried Lego Porsche 911 GT3 RS model that came before it, this Bugatti Chiron kit promises countless hours of building fun.

If anything, this is one Lego kit that proves this isn’t mere child’s play: if its size is not daunting enough (56cm long, 25cm wide and 14cm tall), then surely the 3,599 parts that make it whole should certainly be so.

And just like the real thing, the Lego Chiron is as equally over-engineered. Assemble all the parts right and you’ll get to enjoy some of its neat tricks, like the signature W16 engine’s movable pistons, and shift through the transmission’s gears too.

Besides that, Lego has even painstakingly reproduced the Chiron’s unique blue exterior and interior, the latter complete with a detailed meter display sticker.  To top things off, the rims, low profile style and even the disc brakes connected to the chassis are fine illustrations of what is seen on the real thing.

Of course, unlike the real thing, this Lego Technic homage to the world’s fastest production car won’t necessarily devastate your bank account. Come to think of it, perhaps, the missus might just question your sanity when you tell her it costs RM1,999.90 – yet to be assembled. Lego says it will take 15 hours to put it together, all 3.599 parts.