BR 03-92 Grey Lum is Bell & Ross's way of doing the night shift in style

By daryl, 11 March 2020

Many car enthusiasts love a good watch. And the name Bell & Ross gets thrown around during car meets quite often, and unsurprisingly so given the brand's timelessly analogue design language which draws plenty of inspiration from aeronautic and automotive influences of past and present. If you're a fan, here's something new to potentially get excited about. 

For the fourth consecutive year, Bell & Ross has expanded its 'Lum' line-up characterised by enhanced visibility in the cover of darkness. Lum is derived from the French word for light (lumiere) after all. And for 2020, the aptly-named collection welcomes the BR 03-92 Grey Lum to a collection made up of Horo Lum (2017), Night Lum (2018) and Full Lum (2019) versions of the brand's iconic 42mm 03-92 and 03-94 (Horo Lum only) square cases.

The BR 03-92 Grey Lum lives up to its name with an anthracite grey dial with sunray pattern, and a velvet calfskin strap finished in a grey-green hue (a fabric strap is also available as an alternative). The latter half of the strap's colour is a nod to the intense, green illumination of the SuperLuminova C3 treatment applied to the hands, indices and numerals encased within the timepiece's anti-reflective sapphire crystal. 

Unlike industrial glow-in-the-dark compounds, SuperLuminova C3 recharges quickly, doesn't deteriorate over time and has a relative brightness of 100 percent, meaning it is always legible throughout all 24 hours of the day. This element of lasting luminesence, which defines Bell & Ross's Lum collection, is backed by a proven BR-CAL.302 automatic mechanical movement in the BR 03-92 Grey Lum, which is officially priced at RM13,600 in Malaysia