It's the new BMW X2!

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BMW X2 2

SMALL CROSSOVER ALERT. This is BMW’s, it’s called the X2 and it’s based on the same ‘UKL2’ platform as the X1, 2 Series Gran Tourer and a load of Minis. That means it’s front- or four-wheel drive (and theoretically capable of supporting a plug-in hybrid drivetrain).

As you’d expect, it fits neatly into BMW’s line-up between the existing X1 and X3. But more like the X4 and X6 (tradition dictates BMW’s practical SUVs get odd numbers, and the ‘stylish’ ones get evens), the emphasis here is on style rather than outright practicality. But then, the X2 is supposed to appeal to a younger subset of BMW buyers. Ones that “live in urban areas, lead active lives and are fully connected with the digital world”. Hence the “attractive, exciting, extrovert[ed]” styling and “sporty suspension setup”.

BMW X2 8

BMW promises the X2 brings “previously uncharted levels of driving pleasure to this vehicle segment”, which also contains the VW T-Roc among others. Engines are typical BMW four-cylinders in petrol and diesel, with power outputs that vary from 190bhp in the front-wheel drive 20d to 231bhp in the all-wheel drive 25d. AWD, and manual/auto gearboxes are variously available. More engines will of course be added in time. No sign of anything with an M badge just yet.

BMW X2 7

A proper M badge, that is. The X2 will of course be available in ‘M Sport’ trim that adds sportier trim and more kit. ‘M Sport X’ adds more still –both get firmer spring and damper settings and a 10mm drop in ride-height over the comparatively staid-looking SE. The interior is pretty familiar stuff and contains all the tech you’d expect and indeed demand. A full-colour HUD is optional, as are a load of active safety systems and self-parking.

The X2 will be launched in March 2018. Looking forward to it?

BMW X2 14