Watch this electric Corvette smash the street-EV land speed record

Battery-powered ‘Genovation’ Vette hits a world-beating 330kph. Driver bares teeth

Genovation GXE

Listen up, pub quiz addicts: the new world record speed for an all-electric, street legal vehicle is 330.9kph. This Tesla-busting newsflash comes courtesy of Maryland-based outfit Genovation, who call their electrified C6 Corvette the ‘GXE’, meaning, um, ‘Genovation Extreme Electric Car’. 

Okay, so acronyms aren’t their strong point, but making extremely fast electric powertrains certainly is. Genovation actually nicked the record off themselves, having previously posted a 300.4kph personal best.

Genovation claims the twin-motored GXE delivers 660bhp and 813Nm, shunted through the standard Vette six-speed manual. The new record was set on the old Space Shuttle runway at Florida’s Kennedy space Centre, where Hennessey prefers to max out its Venom GTs. Wonder if Hennessey’s drivers (or Space Shuttle pilots) gritted their teeth as much as this brave chap…

Author: TopGear
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