MINI Yours Customised: making your MINI truly unique

Premium, stylish, youthful brand takes it further. Go crazy with the online configurator and think of what projection you want coming out of the door projector

MINI Yours Customised 2

MINI is now offering a more comprehensive customisation service to its customers called MINI Yours Customised. The company will begin to introduce it in 2018 for ‘lots of MINI models in Europe and other large markets’.

Part of this service includes a new Online Shop where configuration is done, and features only the new product range. Once the customers have made their choices, the order will then be digitally sent to the appropriate production facility; in some instances, even 3D printers will be used.

MINI Yours Customised 4

That raises the game a bit as using 3D printers goes a long way in showing just how customised the design can go. For example, there is space to immortalise information that includes name of driver, or even a personal message. The side scuttles are also manufactured in a 3D procedure; and if you wish, different designs for the two flanks (such as driver’s and co-driver’s name).

MINI Yours Customised 3

The most interesting customisation option to us would be the LED door projector. Instead of a boring light projection to the floor (between 40 to 50cm), MINI Yours Customised allow the car owner to display text and signature, in addition to icons. Other options to choose are the light colours: Chilli Red, Starlight Blue, and Black combined with White.

MINI Yours Customised 5

Now that we’ve mentioned colour options, the service also opens up various possibilities for the customer to choose for their MINI – and its components, including patterns, icons and surface finishes. In addition, even the sizes can be configured according to design needs.

All the manufacturing facility associated with MINI Yours Customised are located in Germany, which can manufacture required products within just a few weeks. The customised parts can then be installed by the MINI service partner, or even by the customers his/herself.

So, MINI fans, what is your chosen model be? And what would your customised design look like?

Ahmad Zulizwan
Author: Ahmad Zulizwan
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