Renault on display: Megane GT

See it at the Malaysia Autoshow this weekend. 1.6L turbo, 205ps, 280Nm 

Rneault Megane GT 11

Renault Malaysia wants to remind us that there is life, an exciting one, outside its RenaultSport/RS brand. And to see what it is, it is at the centre of Renault Malaysia’s booth at the Malaysia Autoshow 2017.

The Megane GT is clearly a handsome looking vehicle; just like the Clio GT it sits low, look fast, looks sporty, and does all that while still looking dignified. But unlike the Clio GT, this one does not appear to be launched anytime soon. Can’t blame importers TC Euro Cars though, the currency exchange will price the Megane GT out of anything near sensible.

Rneault Megane GT 10

At the very least, we get to see what the latest iteration Megane looks like. Handy, because the Megane RS will (we’re quite sure) be launched in Malaysia eventually.

Underneath the hood is an Energy TCe 250 petrol engine (inline-4, 1.6-litre, turbocharged) that makes 205ps and 280Nm. This goes to a seven speed EDC twin clutch gearbox, before power is channeled to the front wheels. 0-100kph takes 7.1 seconds while fuel efficiency is a claimed 6L/100km.

The B-pillars have a badge that says 4Control which points to its four-wheel steering system, the first vehicle in its segment to employ this technology. What this system – developed by RenaultSport – does is control the alignment of the rear wheels.

Rneault Megane GT 3

Anything less than 80kph and Sport mode and 60kph in other modes, the front and rear wheels turn in opposite direction by up to 2.7 degrees at the back. This gives the car a more agile feel, like it has a shorter wheelbase. At higher speeds the wheels go in the same direction, by up to one degree at the rear axle.

Another new tech that comes with the Megane GT – and also by RenaultSport –  is Multi Change Down which enables rapid downshifting together as well as launch control.

Rneault Megane GT 14

Other standard features include the Renault R-link2 multimedia system, Arkamys sound system with eight speakers, six airbags, hill start assist, and 7-inch TFT colour instrument display.

After its appearance at the Malaysia Autoshow this entire weekend, the Megane GT will be on display at selected Renault showrooms in the coming weeks. We hear that eventually it will be sold; imagine the exclusivity. Buying the only Renault Megane GT in Malaysia.

[Update: It seems that the car is on sale, proper. Not just this one. Yay! You can read about it here]

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