From TMS 2017: Honda brings out the Sport EV Concept

Electrification has just got more interesting. Let’s hope Honda pushes this through

Honda Sport EV Concept 1

There’s something about going retro that gets people excited. It’s the equivalent of the hipster movement, but a lot less annoying. Just look at the Honda Sports EV Concept here – stands (or is it sits?) low to the floor, a roadster-ish silhouette, and bulging front arches. Oh, and that entire front area, that’ll make you look twice.

Part of this is because it does have a strong resemblance to the Honda Urban EV Concept that made its debut at Frankfurt recently. Both also run on electric. And that must be more than just a coincidence.

Honda Sport EV Concept 7

True, in fact, the two concepts share the same platform. But unlike the transporter role that the Urban EV has, this one does the S2000/NSX job; and to make it clear, that reads as providing fun. As Honda words it, “a feeling of joy and emotional unity to the drive.”

It’s still not something that truly has any meaning since there are no performance figures to base it on (just like the Urban EV) but it does look the part.

Honda Sport EV Concept 4

Just like the Urban, it has that distinctive front end that has a pair of circular donut-shaped headlamps, and – just like a handphone – boasts a display to show charging status.

Honda Sport EV Concept 10

Must check up on this Sports EV Concept once in a while, then.

Now, here’s a dream garage to ponder: one that has the Honda Sports EV Concept, and the Honda S660.

Ahmad Zulizwan
Author: Ahmad Zulizwan
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