Volkswagen Vento and Passat purchase now with lower interest rates

VPCM’s special promotion makes looking at the financial agreement much less stressful


People just don’t really talk about vehicle financing interest rates that is lower than two or one per cent. Probably because it hardly exists anymore. Good for Volkswagen Passenger Cars Malaysia (VPCM) then, as their latest promotion for the Vento pulls the interest rate down to 0.28 percent.

You read that right. There are qualifiers understandably: that particular rate is just for the Vento (Trendline, Comfortline, or ALLSTAR) and for 5-year loans only. Take a nine year loan (please, don’t) and it’s still a low 1.28 per cent. 0.88 per cent for a seven year period.


The Passat variants can get you a 0.88 per cent rate for a five year tenure. A seven year arrangement will give 1.28 per cent while nine years (again, please don’t take a nine year loan) is 1.68 per cent.

This promotion is already on offer and will remain until 30 September 2017 which also includes a 5-year free maintenance offer.

Author: TopGear
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