This is Skoda's first ever all-electric car: a 300bhp crossover

Vision E concept is a five-door SUV-coupe and the company's first all-electric car

Skoda Vision E Concept 2

Another day, another all-electric concept. Though this one is a first: it is Skoda’s first ever electric car, dubbed Vision E, and now revealed at the Shanghai motor show. Alongside its Volkswagen cousin

Not just Skoda’s first all-electric car, but Skoda’s first ever autonomous concept too; a vision – geddit? – of electromobility in a galaxy not too far away.

Skoda Vision E Concept 1

At this point, it’s customary to note the platform the concept is based on, which is the VW Group’s MEB architecture. MEB will be used across a number of its brands for electric cars; the same MEB platform that underpins the lovely VW I.D. concept we saw earlier this year at the CES.

The Vision E is the same length as a Kodiaq, though a little wider and shorter, and with a fractionally larger wheelbase, the latterly allowing – says Skoda – an extremely spacious interior. Because it’s an SUV-coupe, there’s the typical sloping roofline, and much talk of dynamic silhouettes.

Skoda Vision E Concept 5

Ah yes, dynamic. Skoda has fitted the Vision E with two electric motors (one on the front, one on the back) for four-wheel-drive, with a set of lithium-ion batteries and a total system output of 225kW. In horsepower speak, that’s a smidge over 300bhp, which isn’t too shabby at all. There’s a claimed 500km range (though less we suspect, if you deploy full Hamilton-spec purple sectors), and a top speed of 180kph. Plus, we’re assured that the four-wheel-drive setup is “suitably adjusted to ensure the highest degree of stability, dynamics and safety at all times”. Don’t ready your oversteer face just yet, then…

Skoda Vision E Concept 3

In fact, better ready your “how is the car driving itself?” face, instead. Because, as per The Rules on any new car being sold for the future, this Skoda Vision E packs autonomous capabilities. It’s got the prerequisites for ‘level 3’ autonomous driving, which – if you don’t understand the levels – means it’ll drive itself in traffic, can autopilot on motorways, overtake, stay in its lane or swerve, and hunt down that elusive free parking spot. There are many sensors packed on board to allow this, along with many cameras looking around at stuff.

Skoda Vision E Concept 4

It’s a while off, but only a short while off. A Skoda Superb with plug-in hybrid tech will arrive in 2019, and the first Skoda all-electric car will debut a year later. In 2025, Skoda wants to have five purely electric cars in its line-up.

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