New law to make every road user more accountable for road safety mooted

Current penalties ‘not severe enough’ to encourage people in being extra vigilant when on the road


The Transport Ministry has taken note of recommendations from various parties that stricter laws are introduced to ensure all road users are responsible for the safety of others.

In a report by theSunDaily, deputy Transport Minister Datuk Ab Aziz Kaprawi was quoted as saying that existing penalties are not severe enough to deal with negligence by other road users. He was referring to the recent case where a driver who drove on the wrong side of the North South Expressway in Butterworth caused a multi-vehicle accident resulting in one fatality. Since then, there has been a few others reported cases.

"Few cases have already been reported ... including last week's Penang incident. The government is also worried of the increasing number of fatal accidents caused by drivers' negligence," he said.

Currently those who cause an accident while driving under the influence of alcohol and drugs can be charged under Road Transport Act 1987 and Section 44(1) of the same act which carries imprisonment from three to ten years and a fine between RM8,000, to 20,000.

"The ministry will review the existing laws, including the implementation of the Demerit Points System (Kejara) as well as enhancing the Automated Awareness Safety System (Awas) in a bid to reduce traffic accidents," Aziz added.

Source: theSunDaily

Ahmad Zulizwan
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