Safety concerns for motorcyclists and pillion basis for Dego Ride ban, says ministry

MIROS analysis on fatal road accidents was basis of decision


The government has justified their move to ban the motorcycle taxi service Dego Ride due to safety factors for its motorcyclists and its pillion.

The transport ministry used an analysis by the Malaysia Institute of Road Safety Research (MIROS) which found that motorcyclists have a 42.5 times higher chance of getting involved in a fatal accident compared to a bus user, and 16 times more likely than when using a car.

Last year's statistics showed that 62 per cent of the 7,152 victims killed on the roads involved motorcyclists and pillion riders.

“Thus, on factors of safety of motorcyclists and pillion riders, the transport ministry decided not to allow Dego Ride operate on the roads," the ministry said in a written reply to Chua Tian Chang (PKR-Batu) in Parliament yesterday.

Chua had asked the ministry to explain why the Dego Ride service was not allowed to operate without approval whereas GrabCar was allowed to operate even while waiting for SPAD to provide guidelines and amendments to the law.

Source: Bernama

Author: TopGear
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