This is what a 2017 Peugeot WRC car looks like

Except it isn't, because no such thing exists. Should it?


Peugeot isn’t in the World Rally Championship. It hasn’t been since 2005, when a rallying incarnation of the 307 CC competed. Citroen – its cousin from the PSA group – campaigns C3s and DS3s, which means a financial outlay for Peugeot to do the same thing is exceedingly improbable.

But that doesn’t stop WRC fans – and car fans in general – dreaming of a return for rallying Peugeots and their exceptional livery. So here is a Peugeot 208, imagined in 2017 WRC spec (basically humongous wings, massive arches and lots of intricate air-carving planes) and wearing the colours of the legendary 205 T16.

It’s the work of RC Workchop, whose renderings we’ve featured on TG before. Of all the car renderings online, these offer arguably the best mix of fantasy ideas and realistic appearance. This could, at first glance, be a proper Peugeot PR image for a new WRC car.

But it’s not, and we have to keep on dreaming. The Peugeot 208 GTI is a very good hot hatch, so surely it deserves motorsport lineage beyond some lower-rung R2 rally cars?

Author: TopGear
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