Watch the Ferrari-engined GT86 get very, very sideways

'GT4586' hits the track for a spot of sideways japery with a 370Z


The Ferrari-engined Toyota GT86 we first got wind of last summer is finished. We saw it at SEMA, then we saw it bedecked with Christmas lights doing a rolling burnout, but this is the first time we’ve seen it doing exactly what it was built to do – dirty great drifts.

And drift it does, very smokily and with much noise emitted from that normally mid-mounted 570bhp, 540Nm Ferrari V8. Without question, this is the best-sounding drift-car we’ve ever heard (honourable mention to anything with a V10).

Driving is Ryan Tuerck, pro-drifter and the brains behind the 4586. His pal Chris Forsberg, another pro, brought along his 370Z for a bit of tandem sideways, too. The last time these two got together, the result was fairly spectacular. This video is no different, although it does without the abandoned shopping mall and instead opts for Willow Springs.

Looks fun, doesn’t it?

Author: TopGear
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