The Lynk & Co 01 is a sharable crossover

Crossover from new Chinese company claims to be most connected car ever


You probably haven’t heard of Lynk & Co. It’s an all-new carmaker from Geely, Volvo’s Chinese owners, and this is its first car – the imaginatively titled 01 (an 02, 03 etc… will follow before long). It’s a Qashqai-sized crossover based on the same platform as the forthcoming Volvo XC40, and was designed under the watchful eye of former Volvo design boss Peter Horbury.

There’s a bit of Porsche Cayenne in there, and a bit of Kia Sportage around the headlights, but in all we think it’s a decent looking thing. Lynk is also promising the 01 will be the world’s most connected car, with an always-on internet connection and a ‘share’ function that lets you grant access to others with ‘digital keys’.


Its functions are controlled via app and the central 10.1in screen, which is connected to Lynk’s own digital cloud. Lynk has also gone a bit Tesla – in that cars can only be bought online or from a Lynk store.

Engines? Expect Volvo-sourced petrols – like the existing 2.0-litre and three-cylinder 1.5 – and further down the line, hybrids and EVs. There aren’t going to be conventional trim levels either – instead the 01 will be available in set specifications, called collections, that are expected to change every year.


Author: TopGear
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