Here are some of the wildest track-only hypercars ever

The LaFerrari FXX K is a circuit-based monster. And it's part of a stupendous list


Ferrari FXXK
Yep, so hardcore they had to sub out its own name. The track-only FXXK uses the same V12-plus-electric drivetrain as the road-going LaFerrari on which it’s based, but here it makes 1036bhp – that’s 86bhp more than the LaFerrari.

Combined torque stands at over 900Nm, and it comes packing more aero than you could possibly need in this or any other plane of existence.


Aston Martin Vulcan

The Vulcan, for the uninitiated, is Aston Martin’s ode to track-based excellence. On board sits a naturally-aspirated 7.0-litre V12 pumping out 820bhp, while the whole thing weighs in at just 1350kg, does 0-97kph in the blink of an eye and, at 306kph, could theoretically glue itself to the ceiling. Just look at the size of the magnificent rear wing. Big Wings just make everything better, don’t they?

Only 24 Vulcans will be built, at £1.8m each, and you’ll only be able to drive it on track (unless you get it converted to road use, but that’s another story). So it joins a fine, long list of hypercars built specifically for the track, while not being actual racing cars – there’s a fine line.


McLaren P1 GTR
“How has McLaren managed to make a 986bhp car this approachable, this drivable? The set-up is astonishing. There’s so much feel through the chassis, the steering is so beautiful to use, you always know precisely where you are with it.

“You can take it to the limit – how ridiculous is that in a car with an Ariel Nomad’s worth of downforce working on it? The speeds are outrageous, just bananas, but the GTR is so talkative and engaging you can use everything it’s got, rely on the whiff of understeer to let you know the car is working hard…”


Pagani Zonda R
No list compiling the ultimate track-day monsters would be complete without Pagani’s insane Zonda R. In fact, the Zonda R should be on every list about everything, ever.

It’s got a Mercedes-AMG 6.0-litre V12 on board – bolted directly to the chassis –matched up to a Xtrac gearbox sending 750bhp to the rear wheels. It weighs just 1070kg dry. It has adjustable suspension. It has a rear wing you can see from Mars. It’s also ludicrously, wonderfully loud.


Maserati MC12 Corse
Based on the Ferrari Enzo, the ‘regular’ MC12 was created so Maserati could go racing. They built 50. After that, they built a further 12 designed purely for track use, and it came with the ‘Corse’ badge.

It was developed directly from the MC12 GT1 car, featured more power than the road car – 750bhp – a shortened nose and of course, the all-important rear wing.



Lotus T-125
OK, so this one’s a little outside of the box compared to previous efforts, but its not a racing car and can’t be driven on the road, so fits our criteria of track-only monsters.

Unveiled a few years ago, this Lotus was designed to give the full F1 experience to those with £650k to spare. It was powered by a mighty Cosworth 3.5-litre V8, pushed out a proper 630bhp, and revved to an eye-watering 10,800rpm.

Oh, and you’d have to keep on your toes, because it only weighed in at 650kg. No breakfast for you, then…


Lamborghini Sesto Elemento
Hands up who remembers the astonishing Sesto Elemento? Named after the sixth element on the periodic table – carbon – the 999kg Gallardo-based SE was built for the track. And for proving that outright punching power isn’t the be-all and end-all of a supercar.

No, this car was all about power-to-weight, though it could still fire off a haymaker or two: 0-100kph took just 2.5secs. Only 20 would be built, and they could only ever be driven on circuit. Lest you annoy all your neighbours with that shrieking V10…


Ferrari FXX
The predecessor to the FXXK, this Enzo-derived circuit racer uses a 6.2-litre V12 – naturally aspirated, um, naturally – to deliver some 809bhp and the mother of all soundtracks.

There’s much F1-derived trickery on board too, with an ultra-fast gearbox, fancy brakes, and much, much more.


Ferrari 599XX
One of the finest machines to have never actually hit the road. The 599XX is, apparently, capable of lapping Fiorano a full ten seconds quicker than an Enzo, itself no slouch.

For that you can thank a 720bhp V12, a lower weight, electronic driver aids, and more aero than you can shake a carbonfibre stick at. Doesn’t look half bad either, does it?


Pininfarina EF7
Designed in tandem with F1 champion (and all-round champ) Emerson Fittipaldi, the EF7 boasts a naturally aspirated V8 that revs to 9000rpm and makes 592hbp in the process.

The premise behind the EF7 is that it should “go fast, not need weeks of set-up, and not scare the wealthy owner.” We approve.


Aston Martin Valkyrie
Using the expertise of some of the best in the business – Cosworth and Adrian Newey, for instance – the Valkyrie is going to be Aston’s ultimate road car.

“I thought this was about track-only cars,” you might think. Well, it is – there’s a special run of 25 track-only Valkyries en route. And, like us, that concept might leave you scratching your head, wondering how the Valkyrie could be made any more extreme. Watch this space, we guess.


Aston Martin Vantage AMR Pro
The Vantage AMR Pro represents something altogether more serious – a non-road-legal track toy powered by a 500bhp version of Aston’s GT4 racing engine, making it the most powerful, and almost certainly the loudest V8 Vantage ever.”

Need we say any more?

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