From TMS 2017: Honda Riding Assist-e

Honda Riding Assist e 1

This is another interesting concept from Honda now on display at the Tokyo Motor Show – the Honda Riding Assist-e. It looks like any other motorcycle – a nice looking one, to add – but it also has self-balancing technology. Essentially, it can stand by itself.

Honda Riding Assist e 5

Yes, it does have a side stand just like a normal bike but it will also balance itself by working the handles. This propriety balance control technology in this still-experimental motorcycle comes from Honda’s research into robotics. We reckon it’s an extension of the wizardry that went into other research like Asimo, or more likely, the Uni-Cub.

Honda’s aim is to offer motorcycle riders a peace of mind (and make it more fun) by reducing the risk of falling.

Oh, and once instructed to, the Riding Assist-e will also follow behind you like an obedient pet.

Honda Riding Assist e 3

Honda is not the first to come out with such a tech as BMW too has something in this order. The Motorrad Vision Next 100 Bike can also self-stabilise. However, it is also much more ‘into the future’ than the Honda.