Trucked out: five premium cars rendered as pick-ups we never knew we wanted

By daryl, 20 January 2021

1. BMW i3

Lockdown seems to have brought out the creative side in many of us. This certainly seems to be the case for the guys over at LeaseFetcher, who have done quite a neat job of reimagining five luxury cars as pick-up trucks we never knew we needed. To get things started, we have an i3 with a truck bed that certainly ups the cool factor of Munich's electric hatch. The suicide doors fit the role of a king-cab pick-up like a glove while the roof rails look the part too.  



2. Tesla Model 3

From one electric car to another, the pick-up render of the Tesla Model 3 is very ute-like in a Ford Falcon sort of way. If you had shown us this alongside a picture of the Cybertruck a couple of years ago, we would have probably put our money on the Model 3 pick-up as a more realistic production model for the all-electric brand. 

Audi TT

3. Audi TT

For all of the diversity in its product catalogue, Audi is one of the carmakers you'd expect to offer a pick-up truck by now. Even if it did go ahead and build one, it'll definitely not be based on the Audi TT. That said, a quattro-driven truck with S-Line trim isn't something to immediately say no to; it definitely sounds like a fitting support vehicle for supercar gatherings. 

Jaguar I-Pace

4. Jaguar I-Pace

The artist is clearly a fan of electric cars, with yet another emission-free entry in the form of a trucked-out I-Pace. The Jag's SUV proportions make it a more natural fit for a pick-up conversion, with the blacked-out side steps and roll bars in the back giving it the look and feel of a rich man's Hilux. As the picture kinda suggests, bikes that cost tens of thousands of Ringgit deserve to ride in the back of something equally posh, don't you think?  


5. Mini Countryman

The second representative of the BMW Group in this list is arguably the one that looks least out of place on the grounds that Mini did actually build a pick-up - 58,179 of them in fact - between 1961 and 1983. As the most rugged offering in the brand's current range, the Countryman's platform is a no brainer should Mini revisit the idea of having a pick-up amongst its ranks. We can already imagine the amount of fun we'd have off the beaten trail in an all-terrain Mini with a truck bed. 

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