Top Gear’s Top 9: Cars to buy during this tax break (sub-RM500k)

By thoriq, 15 June 2020

The Covid-19 pandemic may still be a lingering risk for now, but that’s no reason for the economy not to restart its engine. Part of government’s recently announced economic recovery plan includes the Sales & Services Tax (SST) break on new cars.

With that, SST is now waived fully for locally assembled and produced (CKD) cars, whilst fully imported (CBU) cars get a partial waiver. Plenty of carmakers have capitalised on this by releasing revised pricing schemes for their products over the recent weekend.

Without breaking the RM500k mark, here are nine new cars that we reckon are worth a look under this new tax break…

1. Perodua Aruz

Was: from RM72,900

Now: from RM68,526

Savings: RM4,374 (base variant only)


Perodua were one of the earliest to welcome the government’s initiative and saw its prices reduced between three to six per cent across its range. The stand out choice for us lies in its SUV-styled, rear-wheel-drive (RWD), 7-seat MPV that is the Aruz. In its base form, the Aruz is now priced just below the RM70k mark and, aptly, you’re getting quite a lot of ‘car’ for your Ringgits.


Fun fact: it’s now the most affordable RWD car on sale in Malaysia now.

2. Mazda3 hatch

Was: from RM139,620 (Mid) / RM160,059 (High Plus)

Now: from RM135,070  (Mid) / RM154,679 (High Plus)

Savings: RM4,550 (Mid) / RM5,380 (High Plus)


It’s no secret that we at TGM absolutely love the new generation Mazda3 in hatchback – or ‘lift back’, as Mazda terms it – form. Being a CBU offering meant that it was always going to be just out of reach for many, but the recent tax-break may have just changed that for some. Sure, the savings here seems marginal, but the sole and arguably the most stylish Japanese C-segment hatch offering couldn’t look any more tempting than now.

3. Nissan X-Trail 2.0 Hybrid

Was: RM159,888

Now: RM144,450

Savings: RM15,437 (SST + discount)


Apart from its less than desirable CVT box, the electrified offshoot of the refreshed Nissan X-Trail SUV isn’t a shabby package altogether. It may have two less seats than its non-hybrid siblings, but that’s no deal-breaker given how much more efficient it promises to be.

Best of all, Nissan vanguards ETCM have added a massive RM13,000 discount for the X-Trail 2.0 Hybrid in its latest sales campaign. That, by the way, comes on top of the RM2,437 sales tax waiver, bringing the total savings figure up to a whopping RM15,437, or 9.7 per cent, in all. Talk about throwing prices…

4. Honda Accord

Was: from RM185,900

Now: from RM178,203

Savings: RM7,697 to RM8,545.63 (depending on variant)


Honda’s priciest and peppiest CKD offering to date sees its starting price dip below the RM180k now. Things look promising for this D-segment stalwart given it now packs a brand new turbocharged heart and plenty of new goodies on board including the Honda Sensing suite. Even in its most basic form, the RM7,697 price reduction means prospects of the rivalling Camry, Passat and the Mazda6 cannot ignore the Accord now.

5. Volvo S60 T8 R-Design

Was: RM298,888

Now: RM282,540

Savings: RM16,348


Think the recently localised BMW 330i M Sport is a tad too predictable? How about an electrifying Swedish twist to the compact executive saloon genre then? Yes, Volvo’s latest and recently localised darling the S60 T8 R-Design now enjoys a massive RM16k price cut, and sits well below the aforementioned Bimmer as far as price is concerned.

Fun fact: S60 T8 R-Design is the most powerful offering in segment with its combined petrol+electric output of 407bhp.

6. VW Golf R

Was: RM304,390

Now: RM294,905

Savings: RM9,485


The manic super-hatch that’s actually sensible enough for the daily, now made much more reachable with its new sub-RM300k price tag.

Need we say more?

Click these blue words and find out what life was like with one…

7. Mercedes-AMG C43 sedan

Was: RM421,888

Now: RM401,114.85

Savings: RM20,773.15


Yes, not a full-blown AMG offering, but merely one fettled by Merc’s mighty performance vanguards... we know. However, the fact that it rolls off the assembly line in Pekan, Pahang does have its perks, like the RM20k slash in price it now enjoys from the tax break. This makes it quite a bargain considering it has 390bhp, AWD, and the near-seamless ability to transform between low-key urban mobile and a manic corner-carving monster.

8. BMW 740Le xDrive

Was: RM598,800

Now: RM569,082.87

Savings: RM29,717.13


Not just a posh limo, it now packs Bimmer's signature straight-six turbo heart to match its peppy electrification. Drives brilliantly too, as we discovered recently in our posh limo shootout to Penang. And all that goodness now benefits with a near-RM30k slash in price thanks to BMW Malaysia’s efforts in assembling it locally in Kulim, Kedah.

9. Porsche Macan

Was: from RM455,000

Now: from RM439,351

Savings: RM15,649


Entry into the famed Porsche line up has been made even more tempting under the tax break, which sees the base Macan  commanding a new RM439,351 base price tag figure now. That's over RM15k slashed from before, which means more room for you to spec it with even more options – which you definitely will.