The story of Ducati in Malaysia

By sep, 03 November 2021

Ducati has indeed evolve into a powerhouse after over 20 years in the Malaysian market

When it comes to motorcycle brands, Ducati has always been one of the talking points when arguing about who's the best in the business. From its rich history down to all the different bike models including some iconic ones from the past, as well as its vast involvement in motorsports, you can't deny one single fact - Ducati is amongst the elites and none would say otherwise.

As for Ducati here in Malaysia, it all started way back in 2000 when the Naza Group decided to extend its portfolio by becoming the country's authorised distributor for Ducati in the local market. After 20 years, the brand's presence has grown into something quite beautiful, and the amount of Ducati bikes on the road is one of many proofs of that. The amount of success has also led to the launch of the Ducati Petaling Jaya showroom, the biggest Ducati showroom in Malaysia and the second-largest in Southeast Asia.

Ducati Malaysia (Next Bike Sdn Bhd) has been working non-stop in order to deliver the latest models and variants that were introduced by the Italian premium bike manufacturer every single year. The most recent launches include the all-new Ducati Multistrada V4 as well as the 2021 Ducati Monster, two models that are going to change the motorcycle game in their respective segments.

These, however, are not the only models that they offer. In fact, there's a very high chance of you finding the perfect Ducati bike for you no matter what kind of motorcycle you like or what type of rider you are. Track day junkie? They have the world's best-selling superbike family, the Panigale. Looking to tackle the roads less travelled? Any Multistrada can do the job. Planning to upgrade your lifestyle? A Ducati Scrambler would do that and do it extremely well. Looking for something that nobody else has? Fork out on any of the Superleggera models for one hell of a flex to your buddies.

And it's not just bikes that they sell. Throughout its authorised dealers here in Malaysia, Ducati focuses on pairing premium bikes with exciting lifestyles together in one package. If you own a Ducati Panigale, it won't be long before you're invited to one of many track days organised by Ducati Malaysia or Malaysia's official Ducati owners club, Desmo Owners Club Malaysia (DOCM).

You also get the opportunity to take part in some amazing events like the Ducati Riding Experience (DRE) where official Ducati riders from around the globe will together to show you the ropes on riding your bikes to the limit safely, comfortably, and most important of all, fun as heck.

If you're a part of the DOCM faction which is very active and huge here in Malaysia, there will be many rides and events that you're able to take part in, including attending one of the best two-wheeled motorsports events in the world, MotoGP. As you may know, Sepang International Circuit hosts a round every year (apart from 2020 and 2021 due to COVID-19) and the experience is made even more special when you roll onto the circuit with the Ducati men and women.

Ducati also heavily emphasises on offering lifestyle upgrades thanks to its many riding gear and apparel made available here in Malaysia. If you ride any of the Scrambler Ducati models like the new Nightshift or Scrambler Icon, there's a wide range of apparel and accessories to match and elevate your riding experience. Sometimes during one of the many Ducati Red Weekends, you can grab these at discounted prices which can be quite a steal in some cases.

There's also the newly-included Ducati SumiSura custom program for those who are truly serious about finding a riding suit that's specifically tailored according to one's size, design, safety features, and more. It's not a one-size-fits-all kind of thing, but it's more of a 'designed specifically for you' kind of thing.

As for aftersales, there are many misconceptions particularly on the 'Desmo Service'. All authorised dealers under the Ducati Malaysia flag focus on delivering the best aftersales services, but it's not as 'expensive' as most of you may think. The usual and normal oil change that'll take place anywhere between 10,000km to 15,000km per interval (depending on bike model), which on normal occasions would be done once a year.

And the fees are not that high, either. To put things into perspective, it's no different as if you were driving a Japanese car. The normal oil change should cost around the price range of RM300 to RM600 (give or take, and again, depending on bike model) and that's considered to be quite affordable in comparison to the price of the bikes themselves. And these services are done by trained mechanics who work with Ducatis day in and day out using specialised tools and methods.

As for the Desmo Service or main service interval (which involves the valve clearance check processes), that is only when a bike has reached a grand distance of between 24,000km to 60,000km. Even if you ride 50km every single day for a year, you are only required to come for Desmo Service sometime in the middle of the following year. If you're riding the new Multistrada V4, that's even better as you would need to ride a total distance of one and a half laps around the globe (60,000km) before it needs to go in for a Desmo Service.

To put it in another way, it's like owning any other car. You have the normal service, and on occasion, you would have the major services as well. In the words of James Franco in the movie The Interview, "Same, same, but different. But still same."

At the end of the day, Ducati Malaysia and its wide range of bike models focus primarily on a few key important aspects - offering premium bikes for every type of rider, constantly updating the showrooms with the latest apparel and accessories, and providing great aftersales services that will ensure your riding experiences are maintained at an all-time high.

True, it might be a big investment to start off for some, but it's guaranteed that there will be a lot of great hits compared to a very minuscule number of misses. Other brands might have the same ethos, but owning a Ducati is something truly special. Just ask any Ducati owner, or better yet, come down to any of the authorised showrooms to see for yourselves.

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