The EV concepts we were promised and are still waiting for

By topgear, 04 May 2021

At some point in the near future, we will actually see 2,000bhp electric hypercars such as the Lotus Evija, the Rimac C_Two and the Pininfarina Batista on our roads. We can scarcely believe it’s true. We’ve also got a massively impressive selection of EVs on sale today, as demonstrated by our 2021 Electric Awards winners. 

But what about all the stuff we were promised from the myriad of concept cars in recent years? What could our electric future (or present) have looked like if the manufacturers had played ball? Click through to find out…

Renault EZ-ULTIMO (2018)

We were told we’d get: a Renault living room on wheels. The EZ-ULTIMO was autonomous (check), electric (double-check), connected (triple-check) and sharable (BINGO). The interior was also inspired by a boutique hotel. We need more hotel-style interiors. Corby trouser press in the boot, anyone?

Clearly, Renault is just spending time figuring out the finer workings of tyre contact patches. That must be it.

toyota pivo

Toyota i-unit (2005)

We were told we’d get: a weird space-age Toyota exoskeleton thing. When the i-unit is going to be rolled out is anyone's guess. Any day now, surely…

citroen survolt

Citroen Survolt (2010)

We were told we’d get: a proper Citroen supercar. The Survolt debuted at the Frankfurt Motor Show with 300bhp and a 0-100kph time of under 5.0 seconds. The brilliant-looking GT by Citroen was powered by hydrogen fuel cells in the virtual world too.

Clearly, Citroen’s just figuring out which quirks to install into the Survolt. That must be it.

nissan pivo

Nissan Pivo (2005)

We were told we’d get: a 360-degree rotating cabin. At least Nissan correctly predicted the whole electric skateboard platform thing, although we’d take the Pivo over a Leaf any day of the week.

merc eq silver arrow

Mercedes-Benz Vision EQ Silver Arrow (2018)

We were told we’d get: wild wheel cover things, courtesy of Mercedes and a whole heap of other manufacturers.

Clearly, Mercedes is merely working out the finer points of tri-zone, 30-colour ambient lighting. That must be it.

Rolls Royce vision 100

Rolls-Royce Vision Next 100 (2016)

We were told we’d get: even wilder wheel covers from Rolls-Royce. Check out the extremely futuristic Vision Next 100 from back in 2016.

peugeot e legend

Peugeot e-Legend (2018)

We were told we’d get: a properly good-looking Peugeot. Yeah, the new 508 Peugeot Sport Engineered isn’t bad on the eye, but the retro, 450bhp e-Legend showed what we could have had.

Clearly, Peugeot is just figuring out the trim levels available. That must be it.