Surprise! A homemade flying car is a bad idea

By topgear, 23 August 2018

As we’ve made very clear in the past, a Robin Reliant isn’t the most dynamically capable car on the planet. At any – and every – corner, with a hint of steering lock the legendary three-wheeler will do its best crocodile ‘death roll’ impression and tumble over. But maybe we’ve got the Reliant Robin wrong all this time. Maybe it wasn’t destined to be a car. Maybe it was destined to be a… flying car.

One very plucky homebrew engineer has had the cojones to try out this theory. With some quite haphazard rotors popping out of the roof like Inspector Gadget’s hat, he was pulled down a runway until he reached the critical speed to have enough lift to take off. Then… well, we’ll leave you to click play and see what happens next. But let’s just say this: don’t try this at home, kids. Or anyone in fact.