Pick your favourite from these Toyota GT86 Le Mans specials

By topgear, 14 June 2018

This coming weekend will see the 86th running of the Le Mans 24 Hours race. Which is more than a good enough reason to justify these vibrantly decorated GT86s.

Toyota is yet to win a Le Mans 24 Hours outright, and after years of disappointment, it’ll be hoping 2018 is finally its year. Its lack of success hasn’t made the cars it’s entered any less iconic, though, and three of them are paid homage to here.

The blue car pays tribute to the 1992 Toyota TS010, two examples of which finished the race, one of them in second place. Much like the two Peugeots surrounding it on the podium, it had a howling V10 engine. Its GT86 lookalike sticks with a four-cylinder engine, but at least has an aftermarket Milltek exhaust to make it sound a little fruitier.

Toyota 86
Toyota 86
Toyota 86
Toyota 86

The predominantly red car harks back to the 1998 Toyota GT-One. Three of these competed, only one finishing, in a lowly ninth. Yet the car remains an icon, not least for its road homologated version, which claimed 0-100mph (161kph)) in 5.5secs and looked utterly beserk.

Then there’s the white, red and black GT86 that honours Toyota’s more recent TS050 Hybrid. The car in particular is the one that came tantalisingly close to winning Le Mans 2016, grinding to a halt on the final lap to hand victory to Porsche.

All three cars get the Milltek exhaust, as well as 40mm-lower suspension, special alloys that mimic the wheels of their race hero, plus a huge wing, designed to echo the big downforce generated by Le Mans prototype racers. Before you get too excited, they’re one-offs and not for sale. Boo.

They’ll be travelling from the UK to France for the race, though, so if you’re at Le Mans this weekend, keep an eye out and you might just get to poke around one.

Which is your favourite? Peruse the video below and many, many images above, and let us know…