Five of the coolest two-seat vehicles couples can use for their grocery runs

By daryl, 30 April 2020

Movement Control Order (MCO) announcements have been a little less stern and morbid of late, with fewer infections reported in recent weeks while more businesses are allowed to operate on a gradual basis. Among the positivity in recent days was news that individuals going out to purchase essentials can now be accompanied by one member from the same household, which got us thinking: what are the coolest two-seaters on sale today that you and your partner can maximise your limited outings in while the MCO persists? 


1. Isuzu D-Max Single Cab 

There's just an odd, utilitarian charm about a pickup truck in its most rudimental form: a single cab body without any bells and certainly no whistles. Maybe it's the same human desire for rawness and purity that draws us to things like two-seat layouts, stick shifts and handbrakes - things that are naturally standard in the D-Max Single Cab. Let's not forget the 2.3-metre truck bed in the back that'll come in handy if your fridge or washer ever needs replacing. 

2. Mercedes SLC

You can't have a list of strict two-seaters without a roadster. And while most of them perpetuate style and driving dynamics over practicality, the Mercedes SLC proves that some roadsters have what it takes for the daily grind after all. Ageing SLK underpinnings aside, its 335-litre boot is properly useful - it's always too hot or too wet to go topless in Malaysia anyway. If you insist on folding the roof away, the boot shrinks but headroom expands infinitely, which doesn't sound like a bad trade-off at all... 

3. Porsche 718 Cayman 

The mid-engine layout of the 718 Boxster and Cayman doesn't just make them more entertaining to drive than front-engined rivals like the SLC or BMW Z4; it opens up a new dimension of practicality as well in the shape of a front boot/trunk. Along with a rear boot, which is naturally bigger and more practical in the Cayman's coupe frame, the "frunk", as some of you call it, is a potential lifesaver for fussy couples who want an effective method to segregate their essentials with tensions rising for some during the MCO. The 718's superb drive is probably therapeutic too, even if it's just for 5km to the nearest Jaya Grocer.  

4. McLaren GT

There are plenty of cool two-seaters in supercar territory, but few come close to the 612bhp McLaren GT in terms of practicality because of Woking's insistence on having a full-fledged grand tourer with the engine in the middle and just two seats. While the likes of Aston Martin, Bentley and Ferrari tried to squeeze a pair of virtually useless seats in the rear of their front-engined GTs (DB11, Continental GT and GTC4Lusso), McLaren chose to focus on luggage capacity instead - 570 litres of it to be specific. That's 420 litres in the back and 150 in the "frunk", which should be enough for a year's supply of Gardenia bread.  

5. BMW R1250RT 

If you suffer from cabin fever and find the idea of getting into a car claustraphobic, then a two-wheeler should do the trick. Rallied by a 134bhp twin-boxer motor, this Bavarian tourer is far from your average motorcycle. There's a tonne of creature comforts and practical features to go with its power, including a pair of removable side boxes which should be able to swallow a few days' worth of groceries at a time.