ADVERTISMENT: Elevate your car’s stance with RKC Car Accessories

By topgear, 12 September 2018

Does your ride have power, speed and a menacing soundtrack to match? Well, how about the killer looks to match? If your answer to the latter is nay, then you might want to consider installing a body kit.

Choose the right one and it may not just speak in equal volumes as its sound, it could also transform your anonymous ride into a properly stunning head-turner. Car body kits or aerodynamically customised components primarily consist of front and rear bumpers, side skirts, spoilers and fenders.

Of late, these kits and their processes – selection, purchase and installation – have become a trending hobby amongst petrolheads who want their rides to stand out further.

Choosing a body kit can be tricky, mainly because there are countless sellers present in the local sphere. In procuring a body kit, car owners will always strive to find one with the right balance between several factors. These include the quality of material, overall appearance, price and ease of installation.

For those seeking kits with value pricing, the services of RKC Car Accessories, located in Kepong, Kuala Lumpur, comes highly recommended. As self-styled specialists in automotive styling and body kits, RKC Car Accessories is ready to serve your needs!

From our visit to their store, it’s easy to observe that RKC offers reasonable prices for the highest quality import and domestic custom kits in the local market today. The firm boasts an extensive range body kits and styles made for both Japanese and domestic makes, all created from variety of quality composite materials such as Fiberglass [FRP], ABS Plastic [ABS], and Polyurethane Fiberglass [PU FRP].


In their efforts to combat stiff competition in the automotive industry, RKC Car Accessories is focused in expanding their catalogue with even more body kit types and for more car makes and models.

For those keen on viewing their range, you can view their product listing online at Autodoc Malaysia’s automotive platform,

For further enquiries or to set an appointment, simply reach out to RKC Car Accessories through:

Mr Alex – 013-2100668

Mr Kenny – 013-3350668

Alternatively, you can also email enquiries and the best prices at