[AD] Safety guaranteed through quality by Sika and partners

By topgear, 19 November 2019

If you’ve read our last feature about Sika, you’d know by now just how critical your car’s windscreen (windshield) is towards overall vehicular safety and why there aren’t any shortcuts to ensure it.

In this follow up feature, we speak with representatives from both Sika and key local partner DW Windscreen Sdn Bhd. Here, we see first hand just how both ensure each and every windscreen replacement is done both properly and safely by the latter firm using the former brand’s key products.

Aptly, total vehicular safety is achieved and guaranteed through the use of both high quality products and installation methods. This approach with high attention to detail resonated from both the Sika brand and partners DW Windscreen Sdn Bhd, perhaps the result of a twenty-year long working partnership the two have had since the year 2000.

In short, should the time come to replace your car’s windscreen, your best bet in ensuring safety lie in Sika and leading local installation partners such as DW Windscreen Sdn Bhd. For more details, visit Sika.com and DWWindscreen.com.my.