AD: Review - Kaidon Racing Spec rotors

By topgear, 30 January 2019

Customarily, car owners replace their brake rotors after clocking 60,000 – 70,000 kilometres. Also, depending on the usage, said replacement interval can be as brief as just 35,000 kilometres! And along with getting the replacement interval spot-on, one would also need to ensure to purchase a suitable set of rotors for their vehicles.

Back in July 2018, we published an article introducing KAIDON brake rotors and we have been afforded the luxury of testing out a set of Kaidon Racing Spec rotors for reviewing, and to discover exactly what Kaidon has to offer.

Well, after putting them through their paces over three months in a Proton Gen-2, we’ve managed to garner quite a bit about these Racing Spec rotor offerings from Kaidon…

Aimed at giving drivers greater versatility and stronger ability at withstanding intense pressure, these rotors are exclusively manufactured using Kaidon® CeramicFriction Materials for increased thermal and mechanical resistance. We understand that the rotors are specifically embedded with their very own ceramic friction elements, with the process executed with meticulous precision to suit specific performance requisites.


Throughout the test period, we’ve subjected these rotors to a number of conditions such as urban commutes, spirited weekend drives, as well as long highway drives and driving country roads. Simply put, these performance brake discs are best suited for both normal road use and performance-oriented driving.

The Kaidon Racing Spec brake rotors proved to be capable in drastically improving the car’s braking characteristics. In our exhaustive tests, the brake rotors showed an evidently quicker brake – likely a result of the rotors having been well inspected for balance, thus guaranteeing smooth braking operations with minimal vibration.

Despite the rotors’ multifarious characteristics, these performance rotors are the same size as the stock equipment components, hence making them compatible with original and existing components of the test car.

Alongside an increased linear pedal feel, our driver noted a remarkable difference in terms of braking power, allowing him to stop the vehicle faster and safer. Aptly, these performance brake discs would be an essential upgrade should to consider when upping power, or if you desire enhanced braking performance.

We felt that these drilled brake rotors were suitable for a wide range of applications, especially during downhill drives and even during wet weather conditions. The Kaidon® Ceramic Friction Materials embedded in the rotors gave the test car clear advantage in withstanding the intense pressure involved, which in turn improved the test car’s agility – our driver was inspired with greater confidence and control over the vehicle.

These well-tailored rotors will allow racers to relish in their cars’ commanding stopping power under high-speed racing conditions; and ultimately allow the driver to spend less time on the brake pedal.

The experience had demonstrated that the Kaidon Racing Spec Rotors not only deliver on their claimed performance benefits, but are able to coexist to thoroughly enrich the driving experience, making it a worthy consideration for owners of compatible cars. The only price to pay here – besides financial costs, of course – is a slight reduction in ride comfort, notably during hard braking situations, and a slight squeal from the rotors whilst subjected to the same conditions.

Your brake rotors are not something you can afford to skimp on. In fact, they are regarded as “consumable car components”, which means that they’ll always require periodic replacements due to the wear and tear. Judging from our test car’s now enhanced braking performance, all without the need of installing expensive brake kits? Then, these rotors are what you should be looking at, especially if you’re seeking a brake upgrade at reasonable price.


Product:               Kaidon Racing Spec Rotors
Test Car:              Proton Gen-2






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